Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy for Phobias and Fears in Central London

Phobia is one of the most common forms of anxiety, involving an irrational, excessive, and intense fear of a certain object or situation that a person then avoids or tries to escape.

There are three main types of Phobia:

  • Specific Phobia: Animal phobias (fear of spiders, birds cats dogs, etc.), situational phobias (fear of flying, driving, fear of darkness etc.), blood/Injection/Injury phobias (fear of blood test, needles, medical procedures, etc. Natural Environmental phobias: Fear of water, fear of storms, etc.).

  • Social Phobias: Fear of social incompetence or embarrassment in social situation, fear of rejection or humiliation.

  • Agoraphobia: Is an excessive fear of having a panic attack in situations.

How can CBT Hypnotherapy help with Phobias?

The method of 'Systematic Desensitisation or Exposure Therapy has a long history of effectiveness in clinical studies, and when combined with Hypnosis, we achieve positive, powerful, and permanent results more rapidly.

First, you will learn and practice relaxation skills deeply over two sessions and associate relaxation as a new way of coping to counter the original behaviour, which is fear and stress. Fear and relaxation cannot coexist.

Secondly, we will train you in Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis to build your confidence, increase your self-efficacy, and reduce your anxiety.

Thirdly, we will work together to create a carefully mapped-out graded hierarchy of your fears.

Finally, we will use the 'Systematic Desensitisation method in Hypnotherapy to overcome the fear response and rehearse your coping statements. You will be gradually exposed to different situations through visualization while helping you remain calm and relaxed until anxiety reduces.

In some cases, where possible, you will be advised to gradually expose yourself to the phobic object in real life with my assistance, once you feel comfortable, and once the phobic reaction has greatly diminished or even disappeared completely.

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We can discuss how Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and advanced Relaxation Techniques could help you learn to deal with Phobias and Fears.

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